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Since 2007 we use to organize a horse-back trekking with the guys who usually come at our manège. The good experience we had brought us thinking that we could share this kind of experience with other people.
Our programs of horse-back trekkings are of course addressed to people who already have a certain riding experience.
If not those people should simply come with us a few times for shorter ridings.
What's important is that people who want to take part to our trekkings know the main rules of equitation: how to manage with a horse – cleaning it, saddling it, leading it with a rope on difficult paths, getting up and down easily from the horse, keeping control of the horse when the rest of the group is doing something else, keeping the pace of the horse in harmony with the pace of the other members of the group in order to keep a certain trekking order and rhythm.
What's even more important is the SPIRIT OF ADAPTABILITY of people who take part to this of experience.
Horse-back trekkings are in general physically tiring: we sometimes have to walk a long time leading our own horse with a rope under rain and the toilet is often in the open air, I would say it's a little adventure!
We don't really want to discourage people but we want to make them understand that this is much more than a classic holiday; it's an experience that allows you to admire the beauty of our territory and at the same time we will be able to get away from frenetic everyday life coming in contact with the slow and harmonious nature rhythms.


We'll meet at 8 o'clock in the morning of the departure day at our manège.
We suggest you, if you can, to come the day before the departure.
You will be able to sleep here and have a little dinner the night before the departure.
Coming one day before will allow you to make all the preparations for the trip with calm.
The horses will be coupled with the riders according to their preferences but especially according to the weight of the riders (we don't have big and very strong horses, so if you have a "good" weight please let us know this in advance).
We will then "dress" together the horses: the saddle will always be the same from the beginning to the end of the trekking, in the meaning that riders cannot use their own saddles on our horses.
The riders will bring in their pack-saddle just what they need for the daily trip (water bottle, sandwiches, pullover and windjackets and not many other things).
The rest of the stuff will be given to the guide who will give it back to you at the end of each day (please, don't take too many things with you a part from a sleeping bag, clothes, towels and a beauty case considering that the toilet will be in the open air).
After everything will have been checked, we'll leave all together and , a part for unexpected events, we'll be riding for about 5-8 hours a day to reach the stopping places.
The stopping place is usually located on a height meadow where one or two big tents will give you hospitality for eating and sleeping.
In the morning we'll leave again not too late after breakfast.

Please, don't forget the following stuff:
front torch, little knife, camera, trekking shoes, spats, belt pouch, little personal first aid, personal papers, rain clothes (trousers, jacket and also a hat), beauty case and towels, sleeping bag, flask or half a liter mineral water bottles.

The price is 115,00€ per day. It includes:

tour (the guides will always be three: two of them will ride with you and one will reach us day by day at the arrival spot of each day), horse and horse stuff, insurance, tent supply, dinner, breakfast. Sandwiches at lunch time are not included; we'll buy them along the road. The dinner of the last trekking day is also NOT included.

People who want to take part to the trekking with their own horses will have 40% discount.

The horse trekking will happen only with a minimum of 6 participants.
Once you have booked the trekking, we'll ask you to send us a deposit of 25% of the total amount (we'll send you a confirmation mail as soon as the deposit will be here).
The deposit will be refunded only in case the trekking will not happen at all because of bad weather. If bad weather occurs during the trekking and we can't complete the tour, you will have to pay only the good days we had.

Public transports will bring you to Fermignano but they don't get to Ca' Maddalena, so we can pick you up if need it.

For more information please call this number +39 340 49 57 916



This is our shortest trek (two days) and we'll overnight in a refuge because sleeping in a tent is forbidden inside the Riserva Statale del Furlo. This short tour will reach the height meadows of Mount Paganuccio and Mount Pietralata and we'll be able to admire the beautiful Gorge of Furlo riding downwards and upwards.


This is a 4-day-trek; during the first day we'll ride and reach the Mount Nerone. During the second and the third day we'll ride hours and hours on the Mount Nerone and we'll reach Mount Montiego and its wonderful height meadows. From the ridges of Mount Nerone when the air is very clear it is possible to see the Mountains of Sibillini and the Gran Sasso and riding through the gorges we'll be able to see lots of streams rich of water.


This is a 6-day-trek around the wonderful Mountains Catria and Acuto and we'll be able to reach other Mounts that surround them: Mount Nerone, the Sella of Burano, the Mount Cucco and the mount Strega. During the first day we'll ride and reach Mount Nerone; then we'll ride inside the wonderful Bosco di Tecchie with its beautiful and uncontaminated age-old beechwoods the third day we'll take the European Path E1 that crosses the beautiful Serra di Burano; this ridge divides Marche from Umbria towards Mount Cucco. The height meadows characterize the following day while riding to Mount Strega going back to the north-west side of Mount Catria; we'll also pass close to the Monastery of Fonte Avellana. During the last day the Apennine landscape changes into our typical and "sweet" hilly landscape.

... we are also organizing some more tours ...


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