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The philosophy of Cà Maddalena cuisine

The philosophy of our restaurant cannot exclude the nature of our farm, which rears pigs and cattle but also offers a wide variety of courses which are the outcome of our best culinary tradition. So you can eat "crescia sfogliata" (a kind of puff pastry flatbread) with the homemade cold cuts, fresh handmade pasta which can be flavoured with different types of "ragù" sauces, with or without meat and the best assortment of vegetables that the season offers; we also have a special attention for the excellent products coming from the surrounding  woods such as wild asparagus, mushrooms or truffles picked by our own personal reliable gatherers.  All this ensures that the ingredients we use are inextricably linked to the seasonality. Sometimes you will find ingredients which are not strictly typical of our area, but if they are carefully selected, they are essential in enriching our courses. Despite our culinary guidelines, many vegetarians are also loyal clients of ours. We also know how to prepare for celiac sufferers.

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