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An overview on our dishes

Inevitably, on the basis of our culinary philosophy, our menus change very often. There follow some examples of what we offer depending on the season:

Throughout the year our starter dishes are characterised by an assortment of cold cuts served with "crescia sfogliata" (a kind of puff pastry flatbread). We can add the following:
In winter:
Hot spinach tart /red chicory / cauliflower with "taleggio" (soft cheese) sauce; polenta with cooked kale; salad of winter cabbage with red onion, capers, anchovies and balsamic vinegar; spelt salad, winter version; veal muscle boiled with green sauce.
In summer:
Grilled courgettes; veal Carpaccio; small tomatoes and Mozzarella cheese with rocket pesto; spelt salad with vegetables; grilled cherry tomatoes, Crostini (little toast) with liver patè or spiced bacon.

Our speciality is fresh egg pasta but obviously in the warm seasons we also propose lighter dishes. Some examples include the following:
In winter:
Ravioli filled with Ricotta cheese and spinach, served with butter, sage and homemade fresh bacon.
Gnocchi (potato dumplings) served with pigeon Ragù.
Strozzapreti (fresh elongated pasta made without eggs) with chicory, "Mascarpone", homemade  ham, walnuts and fresh cream.
Tagliatelle with homemade traditional Ragù sauce. (ragu bolognese.)
Strozzapreti ( fresh pasta made without eggs) with sausages, mushrooms, and fine black truffles *.
Tagliatelle with bacon, local organic chick peas and cream of yellow pumpkin.
Cappellettoni ( fresh pasta filled with meat) with fresh spinach, sweet Gorgonzola cheese and fresh cream.
Tagliatelle with lamb Ragù.
Potato Gnocchi with sausages, kale and cauliflower.

In summer:
Ravioli filled with Ricotta and aubergine cream with cherry tomatoes and basil.
Potato Gnocchi with courgettes and pumpkin flowers.
Tagliatelle with black summer truffle *
Strozzapreti ( fresh pasta made without eggs) with aubergines, cherry tomatoes and rocket pesto.
Tagliatelle with fresh cep mushrooms *
Cappellettoni ( fresh pasta filled with meat) with cherry tomatoes and fresh cream.
Tagliatelle with traditional Ragù sauce.
Dried pasta with Pecorino cream sauce, roasted cherry tomates and balsamic vinegar.
Tagliatelle with wild asparagus*
*Only if the fresh product is available

As meat is our speciality, seasonal variation is less significant in our meat dishes but when the season allows us to use fresh mushrooms, asparagus, truffles and other similar ingredients, our culinary proposals will be enriched by these magnificent products.
Grilled veal steak:
Florentine from 700/800gr.
Rib steak from 500gr.

Assortment of grilled veal meat:
Natural ( salt, pepper and extravirgin olive oil )
With fresh rosemary and "sweet" coarse salt of Cervia.

Assortment of grilled pork meat.
Veal fillet with green pepper.
Grilled pork liver.
Veal liver with stewed white onion.
Grilled Apennine lamb.
Braised veal Sangiovese.
Grilled pork chops, sausages and pig’s trotter.
Veal Carpaccio.
Grilled veal breast.
Veal meatballs cooked in the oven or in tomato sauce.

Assortment of cheeses with honey and jam.


In winter:
Winter mixed salad with fresh Tropea onion.
Winter cabbage salad with red onion, capers, anchovies and balsamic vinegar.
Lard-roasted potatoes.
Grilled chicory

In summer:
Grilled courgettes.
Tomato salad with fresh onion and basil.
 Courgettes Carpaccio.
Mixed summer salad.
Grilled cherry tomatoes.

Hot chocolate cake with vanilla sauce.
Honey chilled dessert with walnuts and caramel.
Malvasia chilled dessert with Cantucci sauce.
Ricotta and orange cake with must sauce.
Cooked cream (with caramel, mixed berries, chocolate and vanilla) Assortment of baked desserts and Malvasia.

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